Watch the f bombs – Chrysler

A social media campaign company just lost a major client in 4 seconds. Shows you how easy it is to stuff up a social media campaign.

How to make a good video testimonial

When it comes to getting video testimonials there is a right way to do things and the wrong way. Shooting a video testimonial is easy,

Japan – tsunami and nuclear disaster

Japanese earth quake struck on 11 March, could see up to 10,000 dead. YouTube videos of the quake can be viewed here as well as link to donate.

Charlie Sheen sets web records

Charlie Sheen is going down hill in his television career, but he’s setting all types of records online.

Jennifer Aniston takes you on a tour of internet memes

ennifer Aniston, did ad for Smart Water. A bit different, made references to various viral videos, may be a bit confusing for those that aren’t in the know. If not let me guide you through, if so here’s your chance to relieve some internet sensations:

The Swagger Wagon – viral Toyota hip hop

Toyota has done an excellent online video campaign for their model the Sienna. The video is very creative. Also notice that the channel has many videos around the same theme. A good viral strategy.

iPad 2 arrives, now 2 cameras instead of zero!

The iPad 2 was released a couple of days ago, it looks like it will sell like hot cakes however what’s the deal with Apple’s war on Flash and what will it mean for online video content delivery?

Barrack Obama – Yes We Can

Barrack Obama organized a successful grass roots campaign to propel himself to the Presidency in 2008. How did his online efforts, namely video, help to spread his word and get people involved?

Charity Water

I found a charity the other day that I wanted to share with you. Have you heard of Charity Water?

Iceland Air releases video for staff… goes viral

Not sure if you’ve heard of Iceland Air, I haven’t either before yesterday when I saw a video that they had released which the staff created for the annual ball and has since gone viral after being uploaded to YouTube.