Watch the f bombs – Chrysler

Chrysler recently did an ad campaign with the hip hop superstar Eminem, a Superbowl commercial. The campaign did very well and the catch phrase ‘Imported from Detroit’ caugh on. Soon after the ad was released Chrysler created some ‘Imported from Detroit’ t-shirts which sold out very quickly, so quick in fact that a clothing line has been established. Check out the logo below:

Chrysler also has a social media presence that has until now been managed by New Media Strategies. Chrysler’s 8,000 Twitter followers were treated to this message though earlier today:

“I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f#king drive.”

The account wasn’t hacked, instead what happened was an employee at New Media Strategy forgot to sign out of the Chrysler account that he was managing before updating his/her own Twitter!

Well talk about the most expensive mistake in history! Not only was employee fired but New Media Strategies lost the Chrysler contract!

Perhaps a separate computer to manage client accounts would be a good idea?

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