The Swagger Wagon – viral Toyota hip hop

Toyota released an online video commercial for their new Sienna SE family minivan. It was released online, namely YouTube, so it wasn’t the standard 30 second commercial. It was very creative, what Toyota did was make a hip hop video that was performed by a couple about their love for their mini van. If you’re a fan of hip hop you can see many references to hip hop videos. The amazing thing is that the video ended up getting more views than international musicians like Jay-Z and Eminem, I could see the people in this commercial forming their own hip hop group :).

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Toyota didn’t just make one video though, their YouTube channel has over 30 videos and as it should, as the more videos you make, the more likely you are to score that one viral hit that gets media/internet attention. Also once a video does get to viral status there is a much higher chance that your other videos will be viewed as they appear in the ‘Related Videos’ section on YouTube.

The more videos you have on your YouTube channel the more they will get viewed when someone views your viral video.

Good work Toyota (or I should say their advertising agency), check out the videos for their campaign below, these have more than a million views however Toyota’s YouTube channel has over 30 videos. Check it out here.

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