Jennifer Aniston takes you on a tour of internet memes

Jennifer Aniston, did ad for Smart Water. A bit different, made references to various viral videos, may be a bit confusing for those that aren’t in the know. If not let me guide you through, if so here’s your chance to relieve some internet sensations:

But first Jennifer Aniston video:

Let me just say, having viral elements in your ad does not guarantee your video will go viral, though a novel concept, having a celebrity is a plus. Let’s go through the internet virals in the video above:

Keenan Kahill: Celebrity Lip Syncer

Keenan Cahill started lip syncing in his room to his web cam, he attracted a following, here’s one of his early videos:

However his popularity exploded when he did a duet with the rapper 50 Cent which got over 20 million views:

He is featured on the commercial, however interestingly enough 50 Cent has his own brand of health water that he promotes called Vitamin Water. Just thought I would throw that out there.


Ms. Aniston is right in saying animals are a big hit online, one of the more famous examples is the piano playing cat:


Babies are huge on YouTube too. One big video was Charlie Bit My Finger, which you can find on YouTube. However the dancing babies that Jen is referencing in this video is actually the Evian ad below…

which coincidentally enough was for another brand of water! Vitamin Water, Evian.. Am I picking up a pattern with picking water viral ads to emulate? Probably just my imagination.


The Rainbow Guy

This was a mock on the guy who shot a double rainbow and seemed to be having a semi-religious experience about it.

Hope you enjoyed!

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