Channel 9 – How the Might Have Fallen

I knew television would meet a demise some day, but I didn’t know it would be this quick. We all ready know the problem Channel 10 had, but Channel 9? This is the staple of Australian broadcasting. I mean these are the guys with 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, not my cup of tea but something ever person over the age of 35 who is a full blood Australian would tune into without fail at least once a week.

I hate television and what it represents as far as advertising goes. We’ve advertised a couple of times on television and haven’t seen any great results for our money, but that’s just us.

Here is the future of television:

  • You will login like Facebook and those 30 second advertisements will be specifically targeted to you
  • You will have in advertisement options such as going to a website or saving a book mark or pressing a button to show an extended ad if you wish within the confines of your television
  • The television will track what advertisements you respond to
  • Everything will be streamed through internet cables, this is so you can watch what you want when you want
  • Programming will be truly democratic, with anyone able to create and upload a show; kind of like podcasts these days. No longer will a group of editors sit and decide what should and shouldn’t make the list. The public will decide what they like most and this will be aggregated into a ‘Most Popular’ or ‘Top Rated’ section (kind of like YouTube)
  • You’ll be able to rate shows and recommend/share them with friends
  • Advertising will be tailored to you (no more nappy ads lol)
  • Just live you have live streaming of television shows, anyone will be able to setup a live stream show – even now setting up live streaming is not that expensive

I can’t think of any more but I do know these are all things these major television networks lack. I love the shows on Channel 9 but why should I have to adjust my schedule to watch them?

Also as far as the Channel 9 CEO coming out and saying that their debt problems are solved because they’ve been bought out doesn’t address the main issue. You’re not making anywhere near the money you used to make, you’re valued at half as much as you were 5 years ago. So you saved yourself this once, what about next time?

Note at :50 he says:

“All those doomsdayers out there will have to eat their words, we’ve never had a more powerful balance sheet which means we’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll.” – Channel 9

Actually you were able to get a cash injection but that doesn’t change the fundamental nature of your business and the fact that you are in a declining industry.

Whatever I wish them the best.

When the NBN hits, you’ll see a very, very quick change.

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