iPad 2 arrives, now 2 cameras instead of zero!

The new iPad 2 has been released recently, with upgraded specs but interestingly with 2 cameras, front and back. It’s funny how the first iPad had no camera whatsoever, why, I do not know. The new iPad 2 leaves the competition in the dust, with great processing power, and if the Samsung tablet which I tried out in my local Westfield is anything to go by, the other table manufacturers have some ground to cover before they can compete head to head with the iPad. At the moment the iPad controls 90% of the tablet market and has sold nearly a million in Australia.

Apple vs. Flash

One more thing, keep in mind that the iPad, like the iPhone does not support Flash. Steve Jobs has some problem with Flash technology, which is probably because Flash is a closed proprietary system owned by Adobe, and while Flash can lead to crashes, completely banning it from your hardware is a bit of an extreme step. This is important because most videos at the moment are delivered through Flash, which means a lot of video content is now not available to iPad and iPhone owners. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about missing this significant market as Head Studios has you covered, we are finalizing HTML5 video content delivery through our software partner in the US, which by the end of the week should be fully compatible with all Apple and PC based devices.


Check out the iPad 2 review below:

I’m just kidding! Check out the real review:

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