Iceland Air releases video for staff… goes viral

Not sure if you’ve heard of Iceland Air, I haven’t either before yesterday when I saw a video that they had released which the staff created for the annual ball and has since gone viral after being uploaded to YouTube.

The Viral
Since then it has been picked up by major news publications including the Huffington Post in the US and and The Australian over here. What’s interesting to note about this is that the video was actually co-ordinated and delivered The video was created for the staff’s annual ball and then uploaded to YouTube, it almost seems like perhaps this video was just something the staff created to have a bit of fun between each other. This is interesting to note because sometimes companies will hire gigantic advertising agencies to promote themselves however sometimes a fun video created by staff can be much more engaging. No one wants to be sold but people love to buy, meaning that people love to see a video that was made for fun rather than something crafted in a marketing agency to elicit a certain response. It seems to me the reason this video has been so successful is because it’s so genuine, whether or not you find it funny or not no one would deny it was made by genuinely fun loving people and it has left the world with a favorable impression of Iceland Airlines. I’m not sure how much competition Iceland Airlines have however if I am ever forced to pick between airlines I know that this video could be the feather that tips the balance.

Also if you want something really on the edge check out one of their older videos:

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