Ads are here to stay… but at least you have choice

I was watching a video on the news website The Age yesterday when I noticed an advertising strategy that I hadn’t seen before.

Promotional video campaigns on a budget

When most companies think of an advertising campaign the budget estimations for an effective campaign tend to be in the 5 figures mark at the minimum however there are many companies out there that are substituting a large budget for creativity which can not only reach a big audience but is memorable due to its uniqueness.

Television ain’t what it used to be… Park Street

A new reality show was launched on [channel] recently called Park Street. The show was a flop. While a show being a flop is nothing surprising, the extent to which this show failed is something unheard of in television history (at least in Australia anyway).

Will It Blend: How an Internet Meme was created

m Dickson created the most powerful internet meme started by a company with a genius idea to show just how durable his Blendtec blenders were. He blends iPhones, golf balls and much more. Check out some videos and also what an internet meme is.

The Black Swan of Viral Video

Over the weekend I had a chance to read an interesting and thought provoking book called the Black Swan. Written by Nassim Nicholas

We have launched our website!

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Viral Video: even old media is taking notice

Today there was an article in the Daily Telegraph about viral video and how marketers are taking advantage of the new trend in online video dissemination.

New Video: Playlist Commercial

This month we have launched a new product for our online customers called the Playlist player. It’s a very exciting addition to our

Subliminal advertising: myth or reality?

In 1957 a market researcher by the name of James Vicary conducted an experiment where he flashed the words ‘Drink Coke’ and ‘Eat Popcorn’ for 1 frame in a movie thetre.

Why read the news when you can watch it in 3D?

Recently I’ve discovered a company in Taiwan that produces 3D recreations of popular news stories. Surprisingly a few of them relate