Promotional video campaigns on a budget

When most companies think of an advertising campaign the budget estimations for an effective campaign tend to be in the 5 figures mark at the minimum however there are many companies out there that are substituting a large budget for creativity which can not only reach a big audience but is memorable due to its uniqueness.

There are a couple that I would like to share with you where you can see how a small budget but a big imagination can lead to an effective campaign that will not only showcase your company but leave a positive impression with your future clients.

Check out the cream of the crop below:

Absolut Temptation

If you were at an airport terminal and an opened carton of alcahol move through the luggage belt would you take home a souveniour? Absolut put this moral test to an unsuspecting public witha hidden camera. All though, does the fact that no one took the bait a good or bad thing?

Super Glue 3

A glue company came up with this genius concept. They stuck a coin to the floor with their super glue and secretly filmed people trying to pick it up. It’s pretty funny and it also shows the glue’s strength.

The Volkswagen Slide

If your company can brighten up an otherwise boring or dull day people will appreciate and remember it. Volkswagen did this by building a slide for commuters to slide down instead of having to take the stairs. The catch phrase was ‘are you ready for the fast lane’. The campaign was great all though Volkswagens aren’t known for their speed but I’m sure it was fun for everyone concerned.

Coca Cola Happiness Machine

I thought I would save the best till last. A Coca Cola vending machine gives out all kinds of goodies, given from a secret man inside. At 1:50 a Subway comes out on a long tray, so I assume the machine must have a whole assembly line working behind it, probably through a hole cut in the wall. It would have taken some time to set this up but the video has 3.2 million views all ready just through YouTube. Great work.

Do you have an idea for a promotion campaign that these sets of videos may have inspired in you or do you feel you could benefit from something similar? If so let us know! Call us on 1300 TEN 700.

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