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5 ‘just-around-the-corner’ Trends that Will Make 99% of Property Management Companies Obsolete in 5 Years (And How You Can Ride these Trends to complete MARKET DOMINATION for your Real Estate Agency)

The times they are a-changing indeed. Property management – as it is known – or as it was known in Australia for the last 50 years is undergoing a massive shift – and the trends discussed here open the door for property management holding companies that take advantage of these trends to consolidate power across […]

6 Mistakes 99% of Real Estate Agents Make when It Comes to Scaling their Agency using the Telephone

Most real estate agencies have a very high turnover of sales staff. Which means that their staff have a very low motivation to go out and prospect for new business—especially property management staff. The team has a culture of passively waiting for referrals or red hot inbound leads before they take action. The sales and property management staff probably have bought into the idea that cold calling is ineffective, a waste of time, or they have some other excuse. I have a simple counter argument.

Drop It Like It’s Hot – 6 Principles to Stop Burning Money on Real Estate Letter Box Drops (and Ray White’s Secret Letter Drop Weapon)

The thing with letterbox drops, is that the principles that apply online, apply offline as well. Many of the same principles apply with the letterbox drops, apply with Facebook advertising and your online landing pages as well.

They just have a different medium.

With that said, it helps when you research what your competitors are doing! This can be difficult as some of them aren’t in your area. So, I thought it would be interesting to see who is doing it right and who is doing it wrong. So, let’s talk about the principles and start rating them!

6 Mistakes 99% Of Real Estate Agents Make When Advertising on Facebook (+ Case Study of how the 1% of Top Real Estate Agents do Facebook Differently)

Many real estate agencies are advertising on social media. However just because a major real estate agency uses Facebook ads does not mean that they are doing it correctly.

And this is not a guess – I’ve been speaking and auditing Facebook websites and speaking to real agents in Australia and seeing the results they have been coming up with. Many don’t even know how much leads they are receiving because their traditional agencies is pushing stats like views or impressions etc. – after speaking face to face with real estate agents in Australia I have come up with and the truth is after researching and speaking to not only agents but successful advertisers I have come up with cutting edge research – not available anywhere else – where I can show you what is – and what isn’t working when it comes to getting appraisal appointment leads on Facebook in Australia.