Paid product placement… shaken, not stirred

In 1934 a film called It Happened One Night featured actor Clark Gable appearing without an undershirt, following the release of the film undershirts fell by 40 percent.

YouTube vs. Private video hosting? That’s simple…

If you’ve made the decision to implement video on your website a question you will undoubtedly have to ask yourself is how you will deliver the video to your prospective clients or web visitors.

NAB out of control! Break ups on Valentine’s…

NAB has recently launched a campaign across all media (online, television and billboards) on the theme of ‘breaking up’ with the other

Introducing a Playlist with YouTube integration!

Playlist in the video sense, are objects you can embed on your website that include not only a video, but also a menu of related/other videos which a user can choose from.

The 90mil+ Superbowl Roundup

Superbowl has come and gone and as always it’s the ads that are talked about more than the game, in fact I’m not even sure who was playing!

Education – the best way to attract clients

When people go online to view videos (which in most cases will involve going to YouTube) they have different goals for the content

Mercedes Finances Film – Venger

Mercedes Benz in partnership with the Filmmakers factory has just launched an online web series of videos delivered through YouTube to promote the Mercedes brand.

Video on your Facebook Business Fan Page

I just read an article from ReelSEO about putting video on your Facebook welcome page and thought I would share it with you.

Internet TV is inevitable, cable and free to air are scared

On demand television (internet TV) may be coming to your living room very soon, and will be given a big boost if the NBN (National Broadband Network) is moved ahead by the government. If it does, it’ll be a big win for consumers and content creators.