Video on your Facebook Business Fan Page

I just read an article from ReelSEO about putting video on your Facebook welcome page and thought I would share it with you. While putting video on your Facebook Business Fan Page is easy, simply select the Video tab and click on Upload, the challenge that this article addressed was having a custom Welcome page that shows when people first visit your Facebook page which will then play a video automatically.

Facebook does not make this as user friendly as it can be however if you take the time to follow the steps outlined you can implement the video on your Facebook Business Page. The biggest challenge comes from having to hard code some elements with Facebook’s markup and scripting language called FBML.

At the moment Head Studios is working on a show reel and I look forward to implementing a landing page on our Facebook page when this is completed. Meanwhile, I won’t bother reprinting the instructions on how to implement the Welcome page video on your own Facebook page and instead will provide the link to the article so you can go and learn this technique for yourself.

Article Link: How to Add Video to your Facebook Welcome Page