Introducing a Playlist with YouTube integration!

Playlist in the video sense, are objects you can embed on your website that include not only a video, but also a menu of related/other videos which a user can choose from. Video playlists can be seen almost everywhere these days as companies optimize their websites with video technology and compete with the regular web user’s attention span.

At Head Studios, we’ve recently launched a Playlist product of our own, what this means is that we can now offer you not only a professional video at a great price that is optimized for delivery off and on the web, but that we can now put a video’s benefits on turbo boost; increased average time on site? Triple it! Tailored message? Done. Brand building and higher sales conversion? Well if you’re reading this there is a strong chance you have thought about adding video to your site, and a big reason for many people is increased sales conversions, well if one video can increase your conversion imagine what 4 videos can do? Or 6, or even 20?

It has been shown that a viewer will stay on your website for up to 600% longer with the help of web video, and a playlist can increase that figure up to 1,800%. That’s because when you deliver content that your web users are looking for they will stay and watch the content if you grab their attention and it’s in their interest to do so.

Red Bull has a playlist on their front page, which draws users in with many videos of extreme sports, something that appeals to Red Bull’s target market and is in itself very interesting to watch

Our playlist player is unique in this sense, it integrates with YouTube meaning you can have private video files only viewable on your website as well as videos sourced from YouTube. This means you no longer have to choose between having videos privately hosted on your website and missing out on the large market of YouTube or having your videos on YouTube and forsaking privacy. The playlist works both ways!

So without further ado our playlist is below. One feature that is not shown in this Playlist is the option for multiple playlists within the playlist! So you can oragnize your videos by having a section for Testimonials, Customer Segment #1, Customer Segment #2, Case Study, Staff etc.

Click on the image to see a working example

Let us know what you think of the Playlist and any extra features you would like to see.


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