Education – the best way to attract clients

When people go online to view videos (which in most cases will involve going to YouTube) they have different goals for the content they want to watch. A popular topic of lookup, and the one most widely employed to attract potential customers by businesses, is the educational video.

There are two types of educational videos that you can produce; product instruction and project videos.

Product Instruction Video
A product instruction video is a how-to video that shows customers how to install, configure and use your products. If you have a product that is difficult to use or has a steep learning curve this may be a good approach.

One example of a production instruction video that’s used to good effect is the Fluval video that shows how to install the newest canister filter in your aquarium. As the canister filter has to be connected in the right order there is a bit of a steep learning curve.

You can check out how the video is created by clicking the Play link below:

Some other ideas for a product instruction video are below:

  • pharmaceutical company – how video to use the latest inhaler
  • computer sales – how to video to set up a home network
  • software application – a video guide to set up and use a software product
  • pool supplies – video on how to install a pool filter

Project Video
A project video is more generic then a product instruction video and shows viewers how to complete a project using your product. You don’t show users how to use your product, except in the course of completing the project.

The key with this video is to create truly useful content that a large segment of your market is searching for. The benefits to creating a project video is that it is less of a hard sell and more infomercial like, which is what works best when it comes to promoting your products/services through video. However in saying that don’t be shy in showing your product in action, perhaps including a close up shot with product name and price.

Let me give you some examples of companies you may be familiar with:

Bunnings Warehouse ( has a section on their website dedicated to how to videos in various areas of renovations including flooring, bathroom and kitchen, gardens etc.

Coles has a YouTube channel located at ( where viewers can learn the basics of cooking with celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

Other examples of Project videos can include:

  • mechanic – how to video check oil and other common maintenance tasks that expose need for check up
  • dentist – how to video for kids on how to brush and floss teeth
  • accountant – video showing small businesses how to setup and manage their books

Coles has produced 144 videos for their YouTube channel showing the basics of cooking

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how you can package your products into useful videos that will generate views. If you wish to discuss your needs with a Head Studios representative please call 1300 TEN 700 and for further reading I reccomend the book YouTube for Business.

Thank you for reading have a great day!


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