How to Decrease your Cost Per Conversion by Doing Split Tests on Facebook

Recently I launched an ad and I made a mistake – I didn’t actually do a split test of the campaign before I launched. I created a cool video (which by the way – looking back was not the best option in hindsight as my goal was conversion and videos drive more awareness and engagement […]

Integrating HubSpot CRM with QuForm 2 (and why this can double your yearly revenue)

If you are like most people with a business website – your contact form is linked to your email account. Someone fills in their details on your website after seeing your ad on AdWords/Google My Business/Search and then the form is sent to your email. You receive the email – look over their details and […]

Why I Moved Mine (And My Client’s Sites) Off GoDaddy – and why SiteGround is Awesome

Firstly – this is not a diss at GoDaddy – which is a great hosting company in many ways. However I wanted to talk about why I moved mine (and my client’s sites off GoDaddy) recently and give a bit more of an insight to you if you are considering GoDaddy (and have seen the […]

Everything I know about SEO – And how I Got to Page #1 for ‘wordpress developer sydney’

Recently I’ve been making a bunch of calls to a number of companies in the waterproofing niche and it always astounds me how big companies with impressive websites can still get SEO fundamentals so wrong. Not only are businesses breaking SEO rules that would literally take 30 minutes to fix – if even that – […]

Getting Out of Your Own Way – How a Developer’s Staging Site Can Completely Destroy Your Google Rankings

When people think about SEO – and I put myself in this category – they think of the smartest ways to get to the top of the search engines. How they can outrank and beat their competitors for those tough keywords. They imagine this complex web of ranking alchemy that select search engine companies use […]

Launching my first funnel – 5 Nuggets That I Took Away

If you’re not all ready aware from all the advertisements throughout my website – I have written and launched an eBook called ‘How to Not Get Ripped Off By Your Web Developer’. This was a big accomplishment for me for the following reasons: I had created for the first time in my life – a […]

Stop Competitors and Mean People Destroying Your Reputation – How I Removed My First (F*A*K*E) Negative Google Review

Recently I had setup my Google Local page and was excited – I had set the address to be in the centre of Sydney – which I believe would help my local search results. However right after the first client had left a very positive review something happened. Not to get into specifics but let’s […]

Who’s Writing Your Copy? Why a Beautiful Website Won’t Save An Alphabet Soup

Depending on your perception of the value and skill required to write good content for your website – you may be surprised to learn that the content creation of your website will usually cost a lot more than the actual design part of your website. Yet what’s ironic is that many of my clients don’t […]

How to P#ss Off Google With Your Mobile Incompatible Site – And 5 Ways to Fix It

As of 21st April, 2015 having your website mobile friendly officially became a ranking factor for Google. This means that a website that is mobile friendly will now show up higher in Google search results than a website that is not mobile friendly (all other things being equal). In this blog post I will show […]

What is a CMS? And Why Not Having One For Your Website will Spell Your Doom

CMS stands for ‘content management system’. A CMS allows you to make changes to any part of your website without needing to learn a programming language. Pretty neat right? There are many different CMS flavors (providers) out there – the most popular one being WordPress – the CMS used by yours truly which powers 25% […]