This is how I increased leads by 400% for a multinational client

I used to read these advertisements you see where companies say “Increase your leads by 400%” and would think – ok, I smell some bull s#$t. That is until I got the results myself. So here is the thing – sometimes a very minor change to a website, a small element can completely blast open […]

Proof how useless SEO companies are

Maybe someone somewhere has had a thought that big SEO companies have more experience or whatever the 2 bit salesman tells you on the phone. Firstly, I’m not an SEO expert by any means but the more I see how useless these established companies are the more it makes me lose faith in the human […]

OneShift – 3 Cool Tips on How to Make a Video Viral

Video has always been an effective medium, however how has the change to online impacted the creative and script choices that are made by video production and creative companies? We’ll talk about YouTube since it’s the biggest online video hosting company in the world. As far as advertising goes we’ll talk about pre-roll ads, which […]

Crucial Conversations and the Decline of the Publishing Industry

It’s a brave new world. The book industry, as we know it – the paperback is dying a slow, agonizing but almost certain death. It seems the only book shop still in operation is the Dymocks in Sydney. When it comes to book publishing, I am sure many authors are still doing things the old […]

Why being hated is good business for Anthony Mundine

After following the recent news regarding Mundine’s fight leading up to and after his defeat I’ve realized that Anthony Mundine is either very smart or very, very dumb. Let me explain. Even the most casual boxing fans will know that there is another boxer with a big mouth that says things that tends to get […]

Video Blocks – Respect

If you want to know how to optimize your business to receive business online it makes sense to look at companies that are successfuly doing this all ready, and what better companies to emulate than online only companies? I mean, these companies rely 100% on the sales they receive online. If 100% of your income […]

Video Press Release Guide

What is a video press release A video press release is basically a standard press release with a video component. Sometimes only a video is sent with no press release but in most cases the video is embedded into your company’s PR page or sent to a news outlet with a link (to a YouTube […]

So many dumb ways to die…

If you haven’t heard yet, a video created by Metro (which is like Melbourne’s Cityrail) has generated over 8 million views on YouTube. This was a safety campaign talking about how basically you shouldn’t jump in front of trains or do other dum things. So anyway, this video launched and they hoped for a […]

Joomla and Drupal suck… a guide to website CMS

So you’re about to start building your website, but it’s good before you head out that you do some planning and research for exactly how you want tos et it up. Of course there’s the standard thought process of the colors you would like to use and the site map. But one thing that many […]

The simple lead generation secret… that you don’t have to pay thousands to get

Lots of people these days are talking about cumbersome and complex lead generation systems. The problem is that the more complex and novel something sounds the more chance it is to get press.