How I added $77,548.80 in additional traffic to a Plastic Surgeon’s Site Doing Nothing But On Page Technical Speed Tweaks [CASE STUDY]

Introduction This post will go over a case study of a plastic surgeon client I had and how I was able to double its organic traffic by (really more) than 2x. The focus – or theme – of this case study is speed optimisation. As you are (hopefully) aware – your page speed is a […]

Is Your SEO Agency Measuring Up? How to Audit Your SEO Agency’s Efforts with Google Search Console

Recently I had to create an update for a client – and I wanted to put together a way to show the client the impact that my SEO had done for them. I had all ready been working with them for 5 months and you know – you want to show the client exactly what […]

CASE STUDY: Converting a Volcanic Site to WordPress + Integrating with Broadbean

The Challenge Recently a client came to me in the recruitment industry who wanted to switch providers from Volcanic to WordPress. If you are in teh recruitment industry and were considering a website you would have most likely heard of Volcanic (in fact you probably clicked from an AdWords ad). In this case study I […]

Increasing Conversion by 400% using an Elementor Landing Page

In this blog post i wanted to talk about a recent Facebook Ad Campaign I did for a Guesthouse – and how I used Elementor to update a landing page and increase conversions by 500%. This may seem difficult to believe but I wanted to clarify a few things.  Firstly when I speak conversion rate […]

Getting Paid Online Using Stripe, WooCommerce and a Good Theme (and those pesky SSL certificates)

I’m very excited to be writing this blog post because it deals with one of the most important – top line activities for any business operating online – getting paid. If you’re not getting paid, and staying in the black – or at least looking to do so – you may as well pack up […]

Why Visual Composer is Worse Than Elementor and Why Theme Frameworks Need to Start Implementing It

For the past 3 months I have been eagerly studying Elementor – the new page builder for WordPress (well not technically new – it has been around for over a year – but it’s the newest WordPress page builder plugin – and in my opinion the best). As I was using the page builder it […]

FREE TOOL to Find out every time a Googler sees your page in search results

If you have a website and are not getting that much traffic – – I wanted to show you how you can see every time a Googler (google user/your potential future customer) sees your site in search results. This will be in reference to a client I’ve recently been working with – they were not […]

The Black Cloak – What the top SEO Experts are Forced by Google to Keep a Secret from You

There was a book that I was reading – I don’t remember the name of the book exactly – but I had found it in a popular bookstore in Sydney (Kimonodo bookshop on George Street). The book was an SEO book – and was actually through its fourth or seventh edition. It was a very […]

If You are a Guesthouse/Hostel/Hotel and Want to Advertise on Facebook – READ THIS!

In this article I want to talk about what you’ll need to know before you promote a guest house (or any type of accommodation on Facebook). So let’s get straight into it. Cultivate a Liking Economy If you are a guest house you want to ensure people like your page – and there is a […]

Get Control Over Your Site With Elementor

Recently I’ve been playing around with a new plugin for WordPress called Elementor. If you haven’t heard of this plugin it’s basically the newest, freshest way to edit your website in WordPress – and in order to understand why it’s becoming such a big deal you’ll need tou understand firstly how WordPress pages used to […]