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So what makes a good web developer? If you had a paper and a pad (if you don’t, get one) – and jot down what would make a good provider for you.


If you are like most business owners I speak to the following would on the top of the list – is he overcharging me? Is my website in the top 5% of websites – the ones that actually get leads and operate as sales generating machines, or is the other – the 95% that sit there and look pretty? Maybe you don’t currently have a web developer and so you jumped on Gumtree to have a snoop around. You’ve heard all the buzz words flying around – SEO optimized, AdWords/Social Media marketing and wondered – how can you make that work for your business and double, maybe triple your current sales.

Picking a web development provider to help you execute your vision is kind of like getting married – pick wisely. One wrong decision and you could be paying through the nose just to fix whatever damage the old web developer did. Trust me – I’ve seen it happen before – outsourced overseas developers from hell, tangled code under the hood that takes weeks to untangle. A few lines missing and guess what – Google doesn’t even know you exist. Say goodbye to those 15 million Australian web users. And don’t even get me started on the sales copy – “We specialize in providing industry grade solutions to our partners using automated technologiees to ensure faster runtime execution”… blah!

Here’s how I help my small business clients and how I can help you:

  • Experience

    Help you build a custom online WordPress application using my 5 years experience in the field

  • Blink and You Miss It

    Make your website LIGHTING FAST and play nicely with all mobile devices (Google and your customers will love you for it)

  • Be Discovered

    Will have you come up in Google – and assist you with climbing in the rankings with a straightforward open plan

  • Instant Traffic

    Experience in Facebook landing pages and advertising (like this one) – to get INSTANT TRAFFIC to your website and start generating leads and sales on DAY ONE

New clients will receive an hour of my services upon which if they choose to proceed the hour is included in their first payment – otherwise they are not billed for the service meaning the risk is on me.

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability to begin a dialogue.

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  • Low Priority Rate
    $35 ph
    • Email Support
    • 3 Day Turnaround Time
    • For medium/large projects over 10 hours
  • High Priority Rate
    • For medium/large projects over 10 hours
    • Priority Phone/Email support
    • 24 Hour Turnaround Time

Within 2 weeks of working with Kosta over 1,500 of our products were indexed by Google. This caused a traffic increase of 74%. also our newsletter subscriber count has jumped by 340%. We just wish we would have found Kosta sooner than wasting thousands with our previous SEO company.

Harrison LoganMarketing ManagerDragon Image

We are on the first page for ‘Japanese imports’ and ‘Japanese import cars’ in Australia! This is bringing us 75% of our organic traffic. Also our YouTube views are through the roof – over 400,000 and climbing!

Nik AgarSales ManagerSports Auto Group

They professionally, patiently and thoroughly provided a marketing package that resulted in a 400% increase in leads through our website.

Seamus CampbellDirectorBrooker Marine

With my web presence I was able to see a 228% increase in my leads. We have multiple lead sources including email marketing, AdWords and webinars. I have had more work than I can handle which has led to me hiring more staff and having to move to a CRM solution to handle the large amount of customer data.

Richard SkurnikCEOExperts Direct