Behind the scenes – insight into your company

One great way to use web video is to give potential clients a behind the scenes look at the inner echelons of your company. People love this stuff. It allows them to find out more about who they will be dealing with, and there’s something in us that makes us curious about how other human beings go about their day.

Channel 9 did a great job with a video diary they took of a team covering Cyclone Yasi. It was interesting to me to find out how a remote news crew operate and I hope it’ll be interesting for you too. Enjoy.

There’s some other stuff the major networks are doing now. For example, after a show finishes they give out a web address where people can go and chat live on video to the newscasters about it. I might be covering it later.

Have a good one!

Have a good one for now!

The year of mobile video has come… and gone

Now days you can watch videos on your phone no matter where you are. It seems it wasn’t long ago that it was the stuff of sci-fi movies, now it’s common place. Even in Australia, where 3G connections aren’t great, phones can stream high quality video content.

Check out this video below about just how far we’ve come:

How Far We’ve Come

Do you remember the James Bond film where he is controlling his BMW on his phone? I’m not sure which one it was exactly, I know it was the one with Pierce Brosnan. Check out what some kids in China did recently:

Here is an interesting statistic:

  • 100 MILLION YouTube videos played on mobile devices everyday

That number will only continue to sky rocket.

Flash vs HTML5

Most people have an iPhone these days, just remember iPhone does not play Flash. Don’t ask why, Steve Jobs decided it to be that way. What this means is many video based websites are not viewable. The solution is either:

  • YouTube – even though YouTube is Flash Apple has made an exception for it. Smart move on their behalf.
  • HTML5 Player – this is a player that looks nice but is running on a combination of JavaScript, CSS and AJAX. In other words it’s not Flash and will run on iPhones/iPads. HTML5 is a new technology and while Flash is fine, the lack of support on Apple mobile devices makes it less than the ideal choice.

Also remember you can program your web page to display either Flash or HTML5 depending on the device. This is what our technology is able to do.

The good thing is, Head Studios can work with your current marketing strategy to deliver video content and its benefits and you don’t have to worry about device compatibility. On one hand Apple has complicated the process of content producers to get good quality video to the end user, but on the other hand it has opened a market for companies that understand the potential pitfalls of video content and help clients.

Give us a call if you’re thinking of using video in your current marketing strategy – 1300 TEN 700.

Pixelate 2.0 – iPhone app, change colours before changing colours

iTunes has just released a new awesome app Pixelate 2.0. It’s like magic that saves you time by allowing you to visualize how a colour will look on your wall, without even lifting a paint brush.

It does this by using an enhanced algorithm that makes visualization of any thing colour quick and easy. It also gives you the ability to zoom, so it makes colouring even easier.

Just incase the colour you wanted didn’t exist in the colour palette, it also gives you the option to take a photo of a particular colour and you can add that into the current colour palette.

The amazing thing is, not only does it work for your walls it also works for your furniture, cars, and even clothes. I’ve got a feeling that this app is going to be a success, amongst car buyers, shoppers and even interior designers. I’ll be definitely using this app the next time I go car shopping or shoe hunting.

Amazing how technology can change the standards of how we live so quickly. Click here to download the app for $1.19

Watch BBC online + flying penguins

To launch the iPlayer, a website which allows you to watch the last 7 days of BBC programming the network made a commercial with penguins. The beginning of the commercial looks like a regular BBC Widlife documentary until well… let’s just say it gets more and more absurd. The video has over a million views (1.7 to be exact). It is true that while low budget video pieces can and do go viral often having a big budget never hurts! It’s just as funny reading the comments of people proclaiming “Fake” and asking if it was real. Check out the video below

One great thing about big budget viral videos, you can have a bunch of ‘Making of’ videos that will get quite a few views themselves:

And while we’re on the topic of big budget viral videos, check out this oldie but goodie from Carton Draught:

First time in history – more people get their news online

Like most aussies I like picking up newspaper on my way to work however it’s evident to most people that newspapers are on the decline. A recent article in Mashable says that for the first time, more people are getting their news online than from newspapers.

Online content from an advertising perspective is exciting. With print you’re limited to just a graphic, with online you have all kinds of possibilities – Flash and video content, games etc. This means more of an opportunity to be engaging. And of course all that is available to the content too.

As Mashable states, it’s ‘pretty much a long, slow and painful downward spiral to the point that the newspaper, like the vinyl record, is a relic for collectors and anachronists.’ Ouch.

The Future

Actually I remember attending an advertising evening for News Ltd for advertisers and had a quick chance to look around at their advertising packages; newspapers make up only a small amount of their advertising solutions these days, the rest mostly coming from their online properties. News Ltd has pretty much gone out and bought high traffic websites in Australia so they can get the same reach online that they do currently through newspapers.

At least it seems the newspaper industry is accepting of its fate and taking steps to enter new markets, like for example with Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily, the first iPad only newspaper, check out launch video below:

It’s better than the record industry that stuck to its CD distributorship model even when mp3 players were decimating Walkman sales, leaving it to Apple to corner the market for online music download sales. Now Apple gets 35% from every song and album sold through their popular iTunes platform, and all they have to do is host the music. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me, no wonder their stock price is through the roof. Then again the iPod, iPhone and iPad probably contribute too.

While newspaper may still be around for some time, it’s no doubt that the trend is moving to online content which is great news for everybody, except maybe the guys working at the printing press.

Watch the f bombs – Chrysler

Chrysler recently did an ad campaign with the hip hop superstar Eminem, a Superbowl commercial. The campaign did very well and the catch phrase ‘Imported from Detroit’ caugh on. Soon after the ad was released Chrysler created some ‘Imported from Detroit’ t-shirts which sold out very quickly, so quick in fact that a clothing line has been established. Check out the logo below:

Chrysler also has a social media presence that has until now been managed by New Media Strategies. Chrysler’s 8,000 Twitter followers were treated to this message though earlier today:

“I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f#king drive.”

The account wasn’t hacked, instead what happened was an employee at New Media Strategy forgot to sign out of the Chrysler account that he was managing before updating his/her own Twitter!

Well talk about the most expensive mistake in history! Not only was employee fired but New Media Strategies lost the Chrysler contract!

Perhaps a separate computer to manage client accounts would be a good idea?

Japan – tsunami and nuclear disaster

On 11th March a massive tsunami struck the coast of Japan, damaging the coastal fishing towns of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima. The tsunami was caused by an 9.0 quake in the Tohoku region.

As I write this, over 1,000 people have been killed and the death toll could reach as high as 10,000. Two nuclear reactor on the coast of Fukushima Prefecture are in meltdown, and what’s worse is that an after shock quake predicted to be in the 7.9 range is expected to hit Japan soon, though the exact time is uncertain. This after shock quake could further destabilize the two nuclear reactors on the coast of Fukushima.

If you feel you can help head over to the donation page for the American Red Cross which has staffed the area on the Japanese coast by click this link. (select ‘International Disaster Relief Fund’)

Below is footage from some of the destruction caused which was taken by survivors and uploaded to YouTube:

News article can be viewed here

Charlie Sheen sets web records

If you’re like most people who read the news you would have heard of Charlie Sheen’s antics by now. Charlie went a bit crazy after a big drug fuelled party and since then things have been going down hill for his acting career.


It is not all bad. He has recently turned his attention to the web, setting up an account on Twitter which got him into the Guiness Book of Records for the fastest person to amass one million followers.

Then he posted an ad on his Twitter asking for an intern, setting the record for the most number of job responses to a Twitter ad (over 74,000).

I don’t know if he’s going to be better off in the end however, just wanted to put that out there. Here’s some Charlie Sheen madness for you:

Jennifer Aniston takes you on a tour of internet memes

Jennifer Aniston, did ad for Smart Water. A bit different, made references to various viral videos, may be a bit confusing for those that aren’t in the know. If not let me guide you through, if so here’s your chance to relieve some internet sensations:

But first Jennifer Aniston video:

Let me just say, having viral elements in your ad does not guarantee your video will go viral, though a novel concept, having a celebrity is a plus. Let’s go through the internet virals in the video above:

Keenan Kahill: Celebrity Lip Syncer

Keenan Cahill started lip syncing in his room to his web cam, he attracted a following, here’s one of his early videos:

However his popularity exploded when he did a duet with the rapper 50 Cent which got over 20 million views:

He is featured on the commercial, however interestingly enough 50 Cent has his own brand of health water that he promotes called Vitamin Water. Just thought I would throw that out there.


Ms. Aniston is right in saying animals are a big hit online, one of the more famous examples is the piano playing cat:


Babies are huge on YouTube too. One big video was Charlie Bit My Finger, which you can find on YouTube. However the dancing babies that Jen is referencing in this video is actually the Evian ad below…

which coincidentally enough was for another brand of water! Vitamin Water, Evian.. Am I picking up a pattern with picking water viral ads to emulate? Probably just my imagination.


The Rainbow Guy

This was a mock on the guy who shot a double rainbow and seemed to be having a semi-religious experience about it.

Hope you enjoyed!

The Swagger Wagon – viral Toyota hip hop

Toyota released an online video commercial for their new Sienna SE family minivan. It was released online, namely YouTube, so it wasn’t the standard 30 second commercial. It was very creative, what Toyota did was make a hip hop video that was performed by a couple about their love for their mini van. If you’re a fan of hip hop you can see many references to hip hop videos. The amazing thing is that the video ended up getting more views than international musicians like Jay-Z and Eminem, I could see the people in this commercial forming their own hip hop group :).

Related Videos

Toyota didn’t just make one video though, their YouTube channel has over 30 videos and as it should, as the more videos you make, the more likely you are to score that one viral hit that gets media/internet attention. Also once a video does get to viral status there is a much higher chance that your other videos will be viewed as they appear in the ‘Related Videos’ section on YouTube.

The more videos you have on your YouTube channel the more they will get viewed when someone views your viral video.

Good work Toyota (or I should say their advertising agency), check out the videos for their campaign below, these have more than a million views however Toyota’s YouTube channel has over 30 videos. Check it out here.