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Metrocity has been operating in Brisbane’s West End – with over 350 Google Reviews, 20 years in the game and over $550+ millions of property sold and $250+ million in property under management and rated Agent of the Year by RateMyAgent (Australis’s most trusted real estate agency review website).

Increased closed property managements by 63% by repositioning Metrocity’s image from general property manager to “investment acceleration specialist” through a site rebrand and leveraging their extensive “cold fish list” and re-activating old leads using the “video touch point” system.

Project Overview

Services • Website Rebrand | List Re-Activation | Video Engagement


Greg and the 14 person team at Metrocity were positioned as the top choice in the West End real estate and property management market – their customer growth was fuelled by a hard won phone and “belly to belly” sales process – however the change created by the emerging social media environment meant that the tradition methods were not as effective.

Their digital effort was letting them down with lead acquisition and they were relying on external lead generation bidding services like LocalAgentFinder plus their traditional methods to obtain new business – a sure fire way to end up as one amongst many.

Metrocity’s sales process and fulfilment side was very strong with many satisfied customers across the two facets of the business (350+ Google reviews, 160+ RateMyAgent reviews). The challenge was in creating new opportunities.

There’s really only two ways to maintaining profit – getting more customers or charging higher prices. In order to continue growth at their current rate they would need to increase their leads and their closing rates – and this is what Head Studios was brought in for.

In order to continue growth at their current rate they would need to increase their leads and their closing rates – and this is what Head Studios was brought in for.

Metrocity knew it was going to be impossible to maintain their dominant market position long term by only relying on the “old school”, “hard knocks” traditional real estate sales process – people these days simply had too many distractions and weren’t as engaged as before.

The goal was more customers, maintain prices charged per management so that their service to landlords was not comprised. This was achieved with a repositioned value approach (not just another property manager – an investment acceleration specialist).

The biggest challenge in re-activating old leads is how do you overcome the “who cares” attention gap and the “nuisance” potential of generic weekly “New Properties for Sale” newsletters and “do you want to be our customer?” cold calls – burning lists and burning through prospecting property managers in the process – in other words – how do you engage the top level (50-500 door) investors hidden in your list and begin conversations from a position of strength and value?


The company wide rebrand website rebrand went into effect – with landing pages designed to optimise conversions using the RELPA system based on 6 months of research on the most successful real estate agency websites in Australia – and how to optimise a web platform for actual leads (and not just a place to hold recently listed properties/for rent pages) – this eventually led to a 212% increase in incoming website leads.

A Facebook campaign to create awareness was setup and messaging directed to the local and surrounding area aimed at the over 30 year old investor audience.

Metroity’s list of “curious fish” for the last 20 years was leveraged into the RESLA system – which included leveraging Facebook’s algorithm to create a hyper targeted audience of high end investors similar to “prime” these leads for our official campaign.the next step.

A “grand slam” offer to give people a rational reason to switch to Metrocity with no risk.

Once the awareness campaign was running we leveraged Metrocity’s existing customer list and created a personalised email campaign from Metrocity’s top property manager designed to demonstrate the value of an “investment acceleration specialist” vs. a traditional property manager –  communicated through a video and “belly to belly” follow up process – which led to an 8 minute average time on video page for investor leads – we had their attention and these property management investor prospects were delivered to Metrocity in daily emails for follow up – with a systematised “conversation starting” video follow up process.

The Results

After the website rebrand closed property managements rose by 63% over the previous year prior to Head Studio’s engagement.

After the launch of the Facebook awareness campaign a cost of $6.56 per messenger response was achieved.

After the launch of the “cold fish” lead email campaign cold lists were re-activated at a rate of 23% – with approximately 12 new property management leads delivered daily by email. 

The investor acceleration video series delivered an average time on video blog page to 8 minutes.


Kosta has 4 unique skills which are very rare in one individual – an “outside the box” creative mind, a through understanding of video and web technology, the ability to write engaging words that jump out of a page – but most importantly the ability to “put it all together and make it work” – and generate fresh and hot leads for my property management staff to follow up on daily. My closed property managements are up by 63% compared to before we started and based on what I have seen I don’t think we have scratched the surface of what is possible. – Greg Jackson, Principal @ Metrocity Realty

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