Dog Obesity – very serious and very funny

Check out this video, done for dog obesity. The video links to an RSPCA website however was not commissioned by them.

Very, very useless wedding video

If you’re going to hire a camera man to film your wedding make sure you take the right steps so you don’t end up like Martin and Heidi Shubrook. This horror story is almost so bad it’s funny.

2 minute pre-roll ads… but you can skip them

YouTube is testing pre-roll 2 minute ads with the option to skip.

Behind the scenes – insight into your company

Channel 9 takes us behind the scenes of filming Cyclone Yasi. Filming a natural disaster, as you can appreciate, is not the easiest job for film crew, since they have to be on the scene when everyone has evacuated. This is the video diary of one of the crew members.

The year of mobile video has come… and gone

Mobile video is here. People are using it, watching a lot of YouTube videos. Find out the opportunities and challenges posed by this trend.

Pixelate 2.0 – iPhone app, change colours before changing colours

iPhone app Pixelate 2.0 gives you the power to visualize the colour on your wall before painting it. Not only does it work for your wall, it works for your clothes, car

HootSuite – 1 stop shop for all social networks

I don’t know how long HootSuite has been around for but I just wanted to point out how much life is easier now with Hootsuite.
Hootsuite is basically 1 account that controls all your social network

Watch BBC online + flying penguins

To launch the iPlayer, a website which allows you to watch the last 7 days of BBC programming the network made a commercial with penguins. The beginning of the commercial looks

Secret sauce to over 20K Facebook Fans

This is the best way I’ve seen to get not only Facebook fans but also revenue from your Facebook page. Must see if you’ve ever wondered how you can increase your Facebook numbers.

First time in history – more people get their news online

For the first time ever people are getting their news more from online then from newspaper sources.