This is how I increased leads by 400% for a multinational client

I used to read these advertisements you see where companies say “Increase your leads by 400%” and would think – ok, I smell some bull s#$t. That is until I got the results myself.

So here is the thing – sometimes a very minor change to a website, a small element can completely blast open the amount of leads it receives.

Instead of blowing theory on you I will show you a real world case of a change I made to a client’s website. Here is a popup for a client of mine:


This comes up automatically when a user visits the site and you can check it out for yourself at

Now, this popup is linked to a CRM system (the fields are what we call Web to Lead – so those fields are entered as a new Lead in the CRM system).

Unfrotunately for privacy reasons I can’t divulge too much information – as far as how much leads they’re generating, but here’s what I can say – the amount of leads the company used to generate per week they have started generated per day, or if I want to be more conservative – every 2 days.

The concept is really simple:

  1. Get in the user’s face when they land on your site
  2. Request their contact details (this could be email and phone or just email)
  3. Give them something in exchange for itoh and one more thing
  4. Make sure it’s a layover popup, not an actual new browser window that pops up – the reason is for this is that many browsers don’t allow your website to create new browser windows and it just doesn’t look as good anyway

In order for this to work you need 2 elements:

  1. A good chunk of traffic all ready coming to your site (no point getting in people’s faces if there’s no faces to get in front of)
  2. You have something to give away – if you’re anywhere near established you’ll have something to give away, it doesn’t have to be something amazing. For example the example I used above was a simple PDF brochure, I mean that’s not even like something informative, you’re basically getting the same info that you’re getting on the site from the brochure.


If anyone is actually in the market for a Brooker boat are they going to pass up on a chance to have a nice PDF brochure?

Here’s another example that I’m making for a client –


Notice the red text for 2.7+ hours and immediate access. People want it now! Not that you’d make them wait anyway but it can increase the conversions by a little bit. This popup should do even better because you’re getting 3 videos which you otherwise wouldn’t have access to – this is a legal site and so these 3 videos are going to be interesting to the target audience (maybe not to you) so I expect this to do very well, and if it does I’ll be sure to talk about it (if it doesn’t I’ll just quietly pretend it never happened and clean up the evidence that I tried).

So, if you’ve got:

  1. Good traffic coming to your site
  2. Something to give away for free

You could be looking at a potential gold mine here.

By the way my rate to set all this up for you (auto responder, graphics, text fields, implementation into CRM) is $649. If you are indeed a large client and you have the opportunity to blow up your leads $649 is a drop in the bucket. But that’s my rate for now.

However whether you go with me or someone else (or, in a lapse of sanity decide to do this yourself) you have all the info you need. Whatever you do just don’t procrastinate.

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