The simple lead generation secret… that you don’t have to pay thousands to get

Lots of people these days are talking about cumbersome and complex lead generation systems. The problem is that the more complex and novel something sounds the more chance it is to get press.

The truth is marketing has a simple foundation and you need to be able to sort the complex from the simple.

In this blog post I’m going to give you a simple strategy that you can start generating leads for your business right now that can be implemented in less than 3 days.

Before I start there are a couple of assumptions I’m going to make (if these don’t fit you then you need another strategy and can feel free to stop reading further):

Assumption #1: You all ready have a reasonable amount of traffic coming to your website

For example, you are a recognized brand (maybe you’ve been around for a while) and for some reason or other you all ready have a fair amount of traffic coming to your website. The traffic comes and stays for a while but you never get an enquiry or an order.

That’s pretty much all the assumptions. Basically I’m saying that this is a strategy to launch after you have acquired some natural traffic through SEO (search engine optimization).

So now that traffic is coming to your website/blog how do you monetize that traffic. The first thing you need to do is build a list of leads, and those leads will eventually become clients.

And I have 2 words for you: pop-up (or is that 1 word?).

Now when I say pop up it’s not what you’re thinking; one of those annoying pop-ups you see of stuff you don’t want and that yo have to close so you can go back to do what you wanted on a particular website. No, I’m going to show you a cool method to create pop ups that

Let me show you what I’ve done with a client recently:

Here is a pop up on a client’s website. Notice a couple of unique things about this pop-up:

1) This pop-up does not open a new browser window and so it annoys the client less. Also this pop-up will only come up once for any website visitor, so whether the visitor chooses to enter their details or not, they will never see the pop-up again unless they request this – this is an important point because if you show the pop-up on every new page of your website not only will your vistors bang their keyboards very loudly but Google can penalize you for providing a poor website experience.

2) The pop up is giving the client something for free – free is good. In this case we are giving away an e-brochure with a product range. A lot of clients will prefer having a PDF version of products when they go on to make a purchase. This helps them.

3) It asks for the client’s details – well this is obvious. However this is what we need.

4) This pop up links to the client’s email/customer database, so that every time a visitor fills in  a form, the client can then build a long term relationship with the visitor.

This may seem like something fairly small and simple however I can tell you that before this was implemented our client was getting very few leads coming through their website (even though they had an incredibly strong brand and positive word of mouth), however upon implementing this simple change I can say that their big problem is now is sorting out and following up on leads – which is a good problem to have!

A website that generates leads is a good website. Make sure you give yourself every advantage, sometimes simple changes can make a big difference and in many cases implementing something like this means you might not have to pay $5,000 to redesign your website to begin generating leads. Little tweaks!


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