The year of mobile video has come… and gone

Now days you can watch videos on your phone no matter where you are. It seems it wasn’t long ago that it was the stuff of sci-fi movies, now it’s common place. Even in Australia, where 3G connections aren’t great, phones can stream high quality video content.

Check out this video below about just how far we’ve come:

How Far We’ve Come

Do you remember the James Bond film where he is controlling his BMW on his phone? I’m not sure which one it was exactly, I know it was the one with Pierce Brosnan. Check out what some kids in China did recently:

Here is an interesting statistic:

  • 100 MILLION YouTube videos played on mobile devices everyday

That number will only continue to sky rocket.

Flash vs HTML5

Most people have an iPhone these days, just remember iPhone does not play Flash. Don’t ask why, Steve Jobs decided it to be that way. What this means is many video based websites are not viewable. The solution is either:

  • YouTube – even though YouTube is Flash Apple has made an exception for it. Smart move on their behalf.
  • HTML5 Player – this is a player that looks nice but is running on a combination of JavaScript, CSS and AJAX. In other words it’s not Flash and will run on iPhones/iPads. HTML5 is a new technology and while Flash is fine, the lack of support on Apple mobile devices makes it less than the ideal choice.

Also remember you can program your web page to display either Flash or HTML5 depending on the device. This is what our technology is able to do.

The good thing is, Head Studios can work with your current marketing strategy to deliver video content and its benefits and you don’t have to worry about device compatibility. On one hand Apple has complicated the process of content producers to get good quality video to the end user, but on the other hand it has opened a market for companies that understand the potential pitfalls of video content and help clients.

Give us a call if you’re thinking of using video in your current marketing strategy – 1300 TEN 700.

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