Pixelate 2.0 – iPhone app, change colours before changing colours

iTunes has just released a new awesome app Pixelate 2.0. It’s like magic that saves you time by allowing you to visualize how a colour will look on your wall, without even lifting a paint brush.

It does this by using an enhanced algorithm that makes visualization of any thing colour quick and easy. It also gives you the ability to zoom, so it makes colouring even easier.

Just incase the colour you wanted didn’t exist in the colour palette, it also gives you the option to take a photo of a particular colour and you can add that into the current colour palette.

The amazing thing is, not only does it work for your walls it also works for your furniture, cars, and even clothes. I’ve got a feeling that this app is going to be a success, amongst car buyers, shoppers and even interior designers. I’ll be definitely using this app the next time I go car shopping or shoe hunting.

Amazing how technology can change the standards of how we live so quickly. Click here to download the app for $1.19

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