HootSuite – 1 stop shop for all social networks

I don’t know how long HootSuite has been around for but I just wanted to point out how much life is easier now with Hootsuite.
Hootsuite is basically 1 account that controls all your social network accounts. So instead of having to copy and paste to all your social networking sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, WordPress etc. You can now do this all by signing up to Hootsuite.

Not only does it give you power to post on all social network sites, HootSuite also gives you live feedback and analytics for all the social networks sites you hook up.

There’s even a free iPhone and Android app click to download the app. This app enables you to post to all your social networking sites while you’re on the go. In fact, I’m going to use HootSuite to post this blog on all our social network sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Love Technology.

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