Watch BBC online + flying penguins

To launch the iPlayer, a website which allows you to watch the last 7 days of BBC programming the network made a commercial with penguins. The beginning of the commercial looks like a regular BBC Widlife documentary until well… let’s just say it gets more and more absurd. The video has over a million views (1.7 to be exact). It is true that while low budget video pieces can and do go viral often having a big budget never hurts! It’s just as funny reading the comments of people proclaiming “Fake” and asking if it was real. Check out the video below

One great thing about big budget viral videos, you can have a bunch of ‘Making of’ videos that will get quite a few views themselves:

And while we’re on the topic of big budget viral videos, check out this oldie but goodie from Carton Draught:

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